Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups do you teach?

All ages. The youngest pupil I have is 6 years old and we do a mixture of music games, singing games and generally have fun with music. The oldest I teach is somewhere in her 70’s – you’re never too old to learn. If you’re under 18 please ask your parents to contact me first - anyone enquiring under 18 years of age will be required to provide evidence that their parents are aware of the lessons and a guarantee to pay. Parents are welcome to sit in on your lessons should they wish.

Where do lessons take place?

I teach all my students at Rhinocorn Studio located in Unit B, 20 Mercers Row, Cambridge, CB5 8HY, which is easily accessible from anywhere in Cambridge. Click on the map to bring up my location on Google Maps. It is a fantastic place to learn to sing, packed with equipment and boasting a warm relaxed atmosphere.

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When can I take lessons?

I work from 9am-7pm Tuesday to Friday. Please get in contact for my latest availability.

Why can’t you come to my house to teach me?

Unfortunately due to my teaching schedule I cannot travel to individual students houses, however, there are many positives about having your lessons here at my dedicated teaching studio in Cambridge - not least that at my studio I have a full range of teaching resources and equipment to make you excel during your lessons.

Can I/do I have to do exams and grade?

You can, but you don’t have to. My approach is student-led, meaning you determine what you want to achieve ultimately out of your lessons.

I really want to have lessons but I don’t think I can overcome my shyness and sing in front of someone.

A lot of people feel very shy about their singing and there are many ways to overcome this. No one else will be listening to your lesson, and I will sing along with you until you feel comfortable enough to have a go on your own.

Who chooses what I sing? I don’t want to sing classical/musical theatre/pop.

Again, lessons are student-led and each session is unique. Although there will be an element of technique work that every pupil covers, students are welcome to select their own repertoire and sing whatever genre they want. I’m here to support you in singing the songs you love to the best of your ability.

Will I be able to record my own music?

Absolutely, I can help you to choose a recording studio that would suit your needs. In the meantime get yourself acquainted with recording and rehearsal studios in Cambridge.

What happens if I can't make a lesson?

To cancel, reschedule your studio session, we require 72 working hours’ notice (Monday to Saturday only). Please note a cancellation fee will apply if you do not provide the required notice.

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