Cambridge Singing Lessons

Cambridge Singing Lessons

My singing lessons are personalised to each students' individual needs to help you progress even faster. Building up your confidence to sing is crucial during the first few lessons, I remember what it was like starting out - very nerve-wracking! However, you really have nothing to worry about as our relaxed singing lessons focus on helping you achieve your singing aims, whether that is singing in front of a few friends at the pub or rocking Wembley as a lead singer I will help you get there!

I truly believe that anybody can learn to sing, and it's only a matter of learning how to control the powerful instrument that you have been naturally gifted with. Whenever you are inspired by the melodies of your favourite singer, you can be sure that that performer trained for many years to perfect that particular technique or song. Why not get in touch to start on the road to a great voice today!

My lessons are tailor-made to your aims, so no matter what style or genre you want to learn, I can assure you that you will be happy with the results. Also, it doesn't matter what ability or age you are, it's never too early or too late to let our professional tuition help you get where you want to be!

To find out more about the lessons don't hesitate to email me at or call 03458 690679.

Classical and Modern Lessons

The secret to great singing, and realising your potential, comes from understanding how the voice works. If you've ever felt the goosebumps from listening to a truly great singer perform, whether it is Ray Charles, Freddie Mercury, Aretha Franklin or Etta James, you will know that the voice is the most powerful of instruments. With the right instruction you can learn to sing the songs you love, whatever your style!

To book your first lesson or simply find out more don't hesitate to get in touch by calling 03458 690679.

Learn To Sing
Liuba is an excellent singing teacher. As a teacher, not only does she help my daughter with her vocal technique but she also helps her to build up her confidence in herself as a singer. She is lively and professional and I would highly recommend her as a vocal teacher - Lurie Chetraru