Music Shops in Cambridge

Music Shops in Cambridge

As you progress with Singing Lessons Cambridge, you will undoubtedly want to expand your musical instrument collection with bigger and better gear. Here, we at compiled a list of the top places to visit in your city to find either the widest selection of gear, the most expert salespeople, or the best possible prices.

Millers Music can be found at 12 Sussex Street, Cambridge, CB1 1PW, and has been established in one way or another since 1856. Thought to be the second oldest music shop in the country, visiting will truly be a history lesson, and you can be guaranteed that the staff know their stuff. Being one of the longest established companies in Britain, independence allows the store to retain its individuality, along with setting its own prices and enabling a unique shopping experience. As for their stock, although originally a piano specialist, the shop has expanded into the electronic realm and essentially stocks all you could ever need. From all different kinds of keyed instruments to strings and amplification and effects pedals, there is something for every kind of musician. The store offers interest-free credit if money is particularly tight, while also offering a wide selection of rentals so that you can use that perfect guitar for a one-off gig or recording session without committing. So if you are looking to expand your instrument repertoire, Miller's Music is a safe bet, be sure to visit the store to try out your new purchase before buying.

PMT Cambridge is an award-winning store in the centre of Cambridge, with a passion for all things musical. Their staff are all musicians with plenty of experience across the board, either with guitars or drums, while their showroom displays hundreds of guitars, even offering a sound-proof booth in order to test out that dream guitar in complete confidence. With eleven PMT stores across the country, it is a well-established brand with the feeling of an independent shop, so the staff will treat you with the utmost professionalism. The store is not just a guitar haven, though, featuring more modern treats, such as synths, keyboards, and everything you might need for composing on your computer. For recording, there is a wide range of microphones available, so that you can really get the best out of your voice. With a section for B-stock and used guitars, there really is something for every budget, so head down to 172 East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1BG to check out their selection.

Wood, Wind and Reed Music Store is a woodwind and brass specialist store located at 106 Russell Street, Cambridge, CB2 1HU and is the place to go for all things orchestral. If you are looking to branch into jazz, or are just looking for different sounds to make your songs truly unique, why not think about learning one of these instruments? If you are already an expert and are just looking to make a new purchase, then Woodwind and Reed will be your first stop. Stocking an unparalleled range of saxophones, clarinets, flutes and trombones among many others, you can be sure to find something perfect for you here. With a section for secondhand instruments, you will be able to get superior build quality at reduced prices, along with a 0% credit Take It Away scheme meaning that such top-quality instruments aren't just available to the professionals. The store was founded in 1980 and involved making instruments that were well-crafted but that wouldn't break the bank. With such professional beginnings, you can be sure that the service and expertise on offer here will be second to none. 

Brian Jordan Music is a sheet music shop that sells pretty much anything you could ever want to learn as a singer, guitarist or musician. The store focuses heavily on classical scores, and so if you are looking to perfect the essentials of your instrument, whether that be Mozart or Chopin, head to Brian Jordan music for your every need. If you are a singer, the shop really shines, with vocal pieces available solo, with piano or trumpet accompaniment, and even sorted into vocal range. Similarly, all instrument ranges are covered here, with strings, woodwind and brass all being served by the veritable library of sheet music on offer. The website suggests that the stock listed is only a tiny fraction of the available items in the store, so if the website looks like something you'd revel in, be sure to drop in at 10 Green Street, Cambridge, CB2 3JU, or even just to admire the artistic scores.

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