Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Cambridge

Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Cambridge

Here at Singing Lessons Cambridge, we encourage all students to start to produce their own music, whether that means writing your own or covering somebody else's track. The best way to self-critique is through listening to a recording of your own voice, and so what better way to record your first or your tenth album at one of Cambridge's professional recording studios. With something for every need, be sure to check these spots out for quality results unmatched anywhere else.

Evil Tree Studios is located at Little Walden, Saffron Walden, Essex, and is therefore in easy reach of Cambridge and London. They offer a wide range of services, from digital and analogue recording to mixing to mastering. All of their prices include the services of a qualified producer or engineer, and so you know you are going to get the experience and professionalism that you deserve when paying for studio recording. On the subject of prices, Evil Tree seems to be reasonable, with £30 for an hour £300 for a day, or £30 per song to be mastered. These prices are relatively average but seem good value when considering the equipment available to you. With a state-of-the-art mixing console and a seemingly endless list of microphones, these are enough to entice you without even looking at the quality gear on offer in the actual recording room. So if you are a budding singer-songwriter or have a full band, and you want to finally record those songs you've been working on, the results that you will get at a studio like Evil Tree are far better than if you spent the same on home recording, why not get in touch?

Half-Ton Studios is another studio in Cambridge's outskirts, in a town called Milton, and that provides a diversity of recording and productions options in order to include those who might be on a budget yet still want professional results. The recording studio is made up of three rooms, the first two are live rooms that differ in size so as to produce different kinds of reverb, while the control room is where the magic happens, combining an analogue mixer with digital converters to give you the vintage feel but with the modern technology. The studio itself is run by three engineers each with their own specialities and areas of expertise, while the technology and equipment on offer are second to none. Half-ton also offers two live rooms available for rehearsals at just £10 per hour, and playing in a room that has been acoustically treated with professional gear will work wonders for your band's confidence and ability. The website features a good variety of sound samples that enable you to listen to the sorts of results and different musical styles that the engineers can work with so that you can work out what might be best for you. Definitely get in touch or pop in for a chat about what you can expect from Half-Ton studios.

Flightpath Rehearsal Studios is a space that is dedicated to rehearsal for bands in the Cambridge area looking to hone their skills in a professional environment. The studio is fully soundproofed (essential for those extended, psychedelic jams) and can house bands of up to seven members, so no matter how many guitarists you have, there will always be room for them. The studio is located at 2 Quy Water Cottages, CB1 9AT, and is set in the Cambridge countryside, providing a relaxing area for when the stresses of music become too much, or just to provide inspiration. The studio features floor monitors as well as amplifiers and speakers so that you can get the best possible sound without having to know too much about sound engineering, as well as giving you that professional experience, without costing the earth. Prices for rehearsals are from £5.50 per hour to £7.50 per hour, a small price to pay for a large and spacious environment to practice away from annoyed neighbours.

Zoo Audio is a recording and post-production studio in Milton, Cambridge, and can accommodate anyone looking to get their music or sounds onto a physical medium, from small to large bands and solo performers. With a variety of great guitars and amplifiers, as well as the most industry-standard microphones for recording, the studio can offer great results. Zoo Audio is able to accommodate most needs, from traditional, complete album recording to single songs. Furthermore, if you are a singer looking to record your voice over backing tracks to send to labels, Zoo is willing to oblige. If you are suited to home-recording, the studio also states that they can work with you, recording the rest of your projects that you might not have the equipment to do at home, such as drums, or high-quality vocals. This makes Zoo Audio a great choice for anyone with some recording to do, as no project is too small. Mastering is also available if you have already recorded and are just looking for that professional touch to make your album perfect. Check out their website for a range of audio samples, from solo singers to full bands, to see what you are in store for.

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